Small Beginnings

Dr. Stamper and Family

Dr. Raymond D. Stamper hung out his proverbial shingle in 1971. After purchasing a small residential home in Highland Heights Kentuckywith enough room to do veterinary work and house his own family, he began seeing clients in the front of the house while the kids raised havoc in the back! As the years went by, the community grew and Dr. Stamper gained a reputation for being a highly skilled and likable veterinarian. The hospital gained customers quickly and Dr. Stamper began to add staff. By 1978, there was not enough room in the “little gray house” to service all of the pets which needed care.

As a result the current HighlandHeights PetWow Care Center was built in 1978 and fully equipped to handle all aspects of veterinary medicine. The 1980’s became a decade of tremendous growth and saw the addition of the first associate veterinarian to the practice as well as the addition of a full staff of receptionists, technicians and managerial help. By the late 1990’sPetWowhad grown into a three doctor practice with a customer base of over 10,000 pet owners. 

Home Veterinary Care

Home Veterinary Care!

After over two decades of providing traditional walk-in veterinary care; Dr. Stamper and his sons became increasingly aware of the great need for mobile veterinary care in today’s busy world. Clients often expressed that they did not have the time to give their pets all of the veterinary attention needed. Additionally, many people simply dreaded the prospect of loading one or more pets into their vehicle for a stressful car ride to the vet’s office.

After a great deal of research and planning, as well as visits to other successful mobile animal clinics in the country, Pet Wow's “Home Veterinary Care” saw its first customers in January 1998. Within seven months the number of doctors, staff, and veterinary vehicles nearly tripled due to the wonderful response of the public to this new and innovative service.

Today, over and above its traditional veterinary Care Centers, Pet Wow's “Home Veterinary Care” operates a fleet of mobile veterinary care vehicles as well as a fleet of Pet Taxi transport vans throughout the Greater Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky area operated by experienced veterinarians, surgeons and support staff, bringing excellence in veterinary care directly to the homes of thousands of tri-state “mobile” customers. 

Tragic Loss

Young Doctor Stamper

The most difficult event in PetWow’s history was the sudden and unexpected death of its founder, Dr. Raymond Stamper, on April 2nd 2001. Dr. Stamper’s strength and determination were the building blocks of PetWow and can never be replaced. Nonetheless, customers remained loyal and the practice emerged from a difficult period healthier and stronger than before.

In May of 2002, Dr. Stamper’s youngest son Aaron graduated from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine and stepped into the role vacated by Dr. Stamper senior. With the coming of Dr. Stamper II and the rest of the associate veterinary staff,PetWowlaunched upon another season of extraordinary growth.

Expansion and Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

In 2004, PetWow added a large addition to its Highland Heights location and began offering professional pet grooming to its clientele and the general public. In only a few short years, the grooming operation expanded to include 5 full time groomers, 4 grooming assistants, and other auxiliary team members. The mutual growth and demand forPetWow’s unique blend of grooming and veterinary services gave rise to another quantum leap in business growth.

First Satellite Location

PetWow Florence!

Because the joint demand for grooming and veterinary services was so strong and customers seemed well pleased with PetWow’s services and business practices, the first PetWow satellite clinic was opened in May of 2012, providing both full service pet grooming and veterinary care to customers in the Florence Kentucky area. PetWow’s new location has been a tremendous success and has set the pattern for future growth, as our organization looks to open additional sites in the next few years.  


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