Traditional Veterinary Care

PetWow provides full-service traditional “walk-in” veterinary care for pets at both its original Highland Heights Kentucky location, as well as its Florence Kentucky location. Services include general exams, diagnostics, vaccines, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, and essentially every form of veterinary care available. PetWow’s Highland Heights Care Center acts its primary “Surgical Center” where all complex soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, as well as extended intensive care patients are cared for. PetWow’s Florence location acts a full service veterinary clinic offering exams, diagnostics, vaccines and many other services on site. Pets requiring surgical or intensive care are transported back to the Highland Heights “Surgical Center” for treatment. A daily PetWow pet transport van runs between our Florence clinic and our Highland Heights Surgical Center to either transport pets from Florence to the Surgical Center for treatment; or else return recovering pets from the Surgical Center back to Florence for pickup by their owners.   

Mobile Veterinary Care

PetWow maintains a fleet of mobile veterinary vehicles (think of them as moving exam rooms), wherein a doctor and a veterinary assistant travel to the homes of pet owners throughout the tri-state area. In this way, PetWow provides complete veterinary services in a fully mobile “at-home” environment, saving customers time and money, as well as reducing stress on customer pets. All outpatient veterinary care is done on-site at the customer’s home. If, however an “at-home” pet requires surgical or intensive care, a separate fleet of pet transport vans are operated by veterinary assistants for the purpose of transporting mobile customer pets to and from PetWow’s primary Surgical Center. In this way, whether a pet needs routine out-patient care or surgical or intensive care, all such needs are provided without the customer ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. 

Traditional Pet Grooming

PetWow offers full service professional pet grooming to customer pets at all of its locations. Services include everything from basic baths and “brush-outs”, to complex and specialty breed cuts and contouring. Each location employs multiple groomers and grooming assistants. Moreover, each location is equipped with state-of-the art grooming equipment to insure exceptional quality and efficiency. Any given PetWow location will generally groom between 30 and 50 pets per day!  

Pet Grooming Taxi Service

PetWow also offers a Pet Grooming “Taxi” service. PetWow sends out a daily transport vehicle to pick pets up at customer homes to be groomed at aPetWowCareCenter. Pets are picked up between 7am and 11am in the morning, groomed between 11am and 3pm in the afternoon, and finally returned to the customer’s home via the same transport van between 3pm and 7pm in the evening. In this way, PetWow customers can have their pets groomed without having to take time to travel back and forth to a grooming establishment.

What Makes PetWow Unique?

What makes PetWow unique is that we offer multiple services which pet owners want and need AND we offer these services in either a traditional “walk-in” environment, or via a fully mobile “at-home” environment. We often use the following phrase to sum up our services: “Everything your pet needs, your place or ours!”. PetWow is “Pet Care Made Easy!” We make Pet Care easy both by offering clients the ability to have their pet’s veterinary and grooming needs taken care of at the same time (in the same visit), and also by giving our customers the option to either come to one of our Care Centers or else have us come directly to their home. In this way PetWow offers a unique complex of services and methods of care designed to meet and exceed the needs of the busy modern pet owner.  


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