Stable Working Hours

PetWowmakes every effort to structure veterinary schedules in as stable a way as possible. This means that the days and the shifts which veterinarians are scheduled to work are generally kept consistent from week to week. In addition, the doctor schedule (which is always available online) is posted several months in advance so that veterinarians can accomplish long term planning for vacations, CE, etc.  

Consistent Day-Off

PetWow veterinarians usually work on a two week rotation where they have every other Saturday off. On the week where they DO work on Saturday, PetWow tries to always give them the same day off during the week. This helps our veterinarians make plans for things they wish to do outside of work.

No Night-Call or Emergency Duty

AtPetWow, all after-hours emergency cases are referred to local emergency clinics both on evenings and on Sundays. Accordingly, there is no night time or weekend emergency or “on-call” duty required ofPetWowveterinarians.

Schedule Flexibility

Because PetWow has such a large veterinary staff, it is generally not a problem to accommodate vacation and other time-off requests for our veterinarians. Moreover, PetWow allows veterinarians to switch days off or shifts with other veterinarians with little or no notice. In short, PetWow is very flexible with respect to scheduling.


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