Mobile Veterinary Care

PetWow offers a unique form of veterinary care via its at-home veterinary services to a large and devoted customer base. Each day PetWow sends one or more PetWow doctors, each accompanied by a veterinary assistant, to travel throughout the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky area conducting strictly small animal out-patient work at customer homes. A veterinarian and his or her assistant will usually visit between 10-12 homes in an 8 or 9 hours day, depending upon drive distances between homes. Our mobile veterinary vehicles are essentially moving exam rooms, equipped with a full range of pharmaceuticals, microscope, lab-testing equipment, computer, and more. In addition, PetWow employs min-van transport drivers to “support” our out-patient veterinarians. If a doctor at a customer home determines that a patient needs intensive care or surgical care, he or she will arrange for one of our mini-van “support” drivers to come and transport the pet back to a PetWow Care Center for needed treatment. Once Care Center treatments are complete, a mini-van driver will transport the recovering pet back to the customer’s home. In this way, whether the customer needs outpatient care only, or whether intensive or surgical care is needed, the customer never has to leave his or her home to care for their pet’s medical needs. In general, PetWow doctors enjoy a rotation which includes some days on the road providing strictly out-patient care (which is often a much needed breather from the busy surgical load at our Care Centers), as well as other days at a PetWow Care Center providing plenty of opportunity to remain sharp on their full range of diagnostic and surgical skills.  


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