Doctor - Client Communication

PetWow utilizes a sophisticated system to facilitate doctor-client communications. While personal interaction with clients via phone is often critical, it is also possible for a veterinarian to find him or herself unduly bogged down with return calls or answering questions that could easily be handled by other competent staff members on the doctor’s behalf. As a result, all incoming calls for doctors are screened by our Call Center staff which then emails the doctor summarizing the callers question(s) or request(s). If the doctor feels that he or she needs to speak directly with the caller they may certainly do so. In all other cases, the doctor need only communicate his or her responses via email back to our Call Center staff, and our staff will communicate the doctor’s response back to the caller. This system ensures that our doctor-client communication is prompt, yet also personal and direct when it needs to be. At the same time, this system ensures that our doctor’s time is not unnecessarily dominated by questions and concerns which can be handled on his or her behalf by others.  

Post-Visit Client Communication

Of course, our Welcome Center personnel also insure that each pet looks great and that after-care instructions are provided when pets are returned back to their owners in a PetWow lobby. However, over and above this essential task, PetWow actively calls ALL new veterinary customers, as well as post-surgical customers, via  phone within several days of their first visit to insure that their pet(s) is doing well and that they were happy with their overall experience with PetWow’s staff and general care. 

Customer Feedback Line

Finally,PetWow provides a toll free “Customer Feedback Line” to each and every customer. The Feedback line number is stamped on EVERY invoice, inviting the customer to call and let us know anything they liked, or did not like, about their experience with PetWow. In short, we’re very serious about pleasing our customers and their pets. Hence, we are very serious about listening to what they have to say, so as to continually strive for excellence in all areas of pet care. 


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