Communication is Key

Effective organizational communication is absolutely key to business success and to a healthy working environment. At PetWow, lateral and vertical communication is fostered by a clear and effective set of meeting and communication formats as follows:

  • Work Centers, Team Spokespersons & Daily Team Huddles: All staff working at PetWow Care Centers are divided within “Work Centers”. For instance, there is the “Veterinary Center” where veterinarians and veterinary assistants work; there is the “Grooming Center” where professional groomers and grooming assistants work; the “Welcome Center” were all lobby/greeting customer service representatives work; the “Call Center” where all phone answering Customer Service Representatives work; and the “Mobile Center” where all mobile doctors, technicians and pet transport drivers work. A Team Spokesperson is selected for each work center and is responsible for briefly gathering together every staff member working within his or her work center for a brief daily meeting (usually under 5 minutes) to discuss any immediate problems that need to be addressed or else to convey timely information from management.
  • Site Meetings: At least once a month (if not more often) the Team Spokespersons from each work center meet for an hour with the general Site Manager for their particular PetWow Care Center to convey any significant issues which have arise during the course of business since the last Site Meeting. The Site Manager gathers together and organizes these issues and either addresses them directly or else passes them on to the PetWow Officer Team, depending upon the scope and importance of the issues raised.
  • Officer Meetings: Every two weeks, the PetWow Officer Team (composed of all PetWow site managers and business managers) meet to resolve any and all issues arising from the Site Meetings at each PetWow location and also to discuss and plan general business related activities.
  • Doctor Meetings: On a monthly basis, the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) meets with all PetWow veterinarians to discuss and resolve any issues specific to PetWow’s veterinary protocols and procedures.
  • Executive Board Meetings: Every three months, the PetWow Executive Board meets to engage in long term business planning and strategizing.
  • All Hands Meeting: Once a year ALL PetWow staff gather together for a general meeting to discuss PetWow business plans for the upcoming year.
  • Monthly Staff eNewsletter: Every month, PetWow management publishes a staff eNewsletter which is distributed to all staff members covering everything from upcoming birthday and social event announcements, to upcoming meeting dates, staff additions, business changes and more. You can read a sample of a past eNewsletter HERE.

The bottom line is that we take communication and problem solving seriously at PetWow. Our goal is to provide the best pet care available and in an enjoyable and healthy working environment. It is for this reason that we insist upon a formal stream of intra-organizational communication. 


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