At PetWow We Depend Upon One Another

Team PetWow consists of a wide network of staff members carrying out mutually interdependent roles each and every day in order to serve our clients and their pets with excellence. Our large veterinary staff is supported by an even larger group of veterinary assistants both within PetWow Care Centers as well as at customer homes through PetWow mobile services. Our large professional grooming staff is supported by a team of grooming assistants who prepare pets for their hair cuts. The face of PetWow is presented by our large team of Customer Service Representatives who greet customers, answer their questions, and schedule appointments in PetWow lobbies or within the PetWow Call Center. Daily kennel personnel insure that all pets under PetWow's care are properly fed, watered, cleaned and given lots of TLC each day. Janitorial staff keep out buildings clean.

Behind the scenes there are also a host of managers who ensure efficient operations such as our inventory manager who keeps all of our locations and mobile vehicles stocked with supplies, our staff scheduling coordinator who ensures that all roles and shifts are properly staffed each day and coordinates vacation requests; our maintenance manager who ensures that PetWow’s land, buildings and equipment are kept in top working order; our vehicle manager who ensures that all of PetWow's mobile vehicles are looking and running properly. Moreover, there are site managers who oversee the daily operations of each PetWow Care Center, and general business managers who oversee broad business functions such as human resources, finance, accounts payable, accounts receivable and more.

In short, everyone plays a crucial role at PetWow and each person's success, as well as that of the organization, depend integrally on the performance of each team member. If you are looking for a high energy environment with great colleagues working together to achieve a unified goal, then PetWow is the place for you!

Veterinary Colleagues

PetWow employs a large team of excellent veterinarians. This has many advantages. Firstly, because there are so many veterinarians with such a wide range of experience and specialty expertise, if one veterinarian faces a problem or challenge which he or she is unfamiliar with, you can bet that some other veterinarian on staff will know what to do. This is especially helpful for veterinarians with limited experience because our senior doctors are able to provide effective mentoring, allowing younger veterinarians the time and space to develop their skills. In addition, having multiple veterinarians makes it easier to accommodate time-off and vacation requests among the veterinary team. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, having professional colleagues working by your side is a good way to forge and foster lasting friendships. 

Veterinary Assistant Staff

PetWow also employs a great team of Veterinary Assistants. PetWow’s veterinary assistants are hard working and very well trained. From pharmacology, radiology, drawing blood, intubation, dentistry, sterile surgical technique, running basic lab tests, and professional pet restraint - they can do it all. Their primary job is to enable our veterinarians to work more productively. Our veterinary staff relies heavily on our veterinary assistant support team each and every day. They are crucial members ofPetWow's overall effort to provide excellence in pet care. 


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