PetWow Summer Shindig

Every Summer, PetWow holds a staff-wide corporate party at a major venue. Past Summer staff parties have included events such as a Toby Keith concert at Riverbend Music Center or taking in a Cincinnati Red’s baseball game at Great American Ball Park. PetWow Summer parties are an organizational highlight which are always very well attended and enjoyed by all!

PetWow Christmas Party

Every December, PetWow holds a staff-wide corporate Christmas party at a third-party venue (usually replete with full bar, music, games, prizes and more). In recent years PetWow has rented out the entire second floor of Molly Malone’s Irish Pub. The annual Christmas party is another major organizational highlight.

Bi-Monthly PetWow Sponsored Events

In addition to the big Summer and Winter staff parties mentioned above, PetWow also sponsors smaller events on, roughly, a bi-monthly basis which all staff are invited to attend. Invitations go out in the eNewsletter, by email, and by postings at PetWow Care Centers. Past events have included activities such as a PetWow Night-at-the-Movies and PetWow Bowling Blowout!

Quarterly Cookouts or Catering

Once every quarter, PetWow provides either a cookout or catered meal (pending weather) for all of its staff at each PetWow Care center to show our appreciation for all the continued effort exhibited by our staff day in and day out.

Bi-weekly Breakfast

About every other week, PetWow provides staff-wide breakfast snacks such as donuts, Danishes, bagels, etc. There’s nothing like a little sugar-rush with morning caffeine to get the day started right!

The bottom line is that we really are one big family. Special events and meals are just one way of forging better relationships with our co-workers which adds significantly to the enjoyment and satisfaction which is derived from joining the PetWow team. Come join in the fun!


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